Bring Your Hair Back to Life - A Transformative Treatment Custom Blended By Your Stylist

Well-versed in creating products that effectively target hair concerns that range from dry and untameable hair, to irritated and itchy scalp, Oribe has launched its first salon-exclusive treatment, Renewal Remedies.

Oribe Renewal Remedies Treatment

Unlike most Asian hair treatments today, the custom-blended treatment addresses individual hair needs instead of being a one-size-fits-all solution, making it an ideal solution whether you want to add shine, smoothness, strength, or prolong colour retention in your hair.

What can Renewal Remedies do?

  • Fortifies the inner structure of hair
  • Restores protective outer layer of strands
  • Locks in essential moisture and smoothes the cuticle
  • Improves texture and provides intense hydration
  • Shields from oxidative stress and colour fade
  • Increases vibrancy of colour

The Custom-Blended Antidotes

Oribe Renewal Remedies Treatment

  • The Foundations

The Foundations are the backbone of Renewal Remedies treatment. They are available in two versions depending on your hair type: fine to medium or medium to coarse. Selecting the right base enables the end formula to be absorbed into your hair as effectively as possible. 

  • Strengthening Amplifier: for damaged or weak hair

The Strengthening Amplifier works to strengthen your hair structure from the inside out with a fortifying complex and 12 amino acids.

  • Smoothing Amplifier: for frizzy or curly hair

The Smoothing Amplifier's Marine Complex infuses reparative nutrients and hydration while reducing frizz for enhanced smootheness.

  • Colour Retention Amplifier: for colour-treated hair

The Colour Rentention Amplifier has Colour-Lock Technology and Luminosity-Enhancing Antioxidant to ensure that dyed locks keep their vibrancy and shine for longer. It can be paired with the colour service so that you can walk away with brighter, more vibrant hair colour by the end of your session. 

Oribe Renewal Remedies Hair Treatment Before & After

What you may ask..

How long does Renewal Remedies Treatment last in hair?

This depends on the individual hair condition. There are several factors that determine how long the treatment lasts in hair, including how often you wash and your hair care. Similar to when you get a facial at the spa, the results will last longer with proper upkeep at home and regular treatment services. To prolong the treatment benefits, it is recommended to use the Oribe hair care products that are suitable for your hair type back home.


How often can you have a Renewal Remedies treatment?

We recommend getting a treatment every four to six weeks to maintain best results in the hair.


Could Renewal Remedies with the Smoothing Amplifier take the place of a Keratin treatment?

Renewal Remedies with the Smoothing  Amplifier would not take the place of a keratin treatment, as they are formulated and used very differently. However, it is a good alternative. Keratin treatments break down and reform disulfide bonds, which change the shape of the hair. Renewal Remedies are not chemical treatments, but professional, intensive treatments that provide the optimal level of conditioning, specific for the client’s hair texture, without weighing it down. The formulas also add a significant amount of slip, protection and hydration that last through multiple washes.


Does the formula create a shield on hair?

Yes, the Foundations contain an ingredient that creates a shield to repair the damaged lipid layer of the strands, resulting in increased shine and strength.


What is the recommended product regimen for after using Renewal Remedies?

We always recommend using an Oribe prep product after a treatment and before heat styling to protect the hair, as well as a take-home regimen of Oribe products.


Are the smoothing / strengthening treatments colour-safe?

Yes, all the Foundations contain a level of colour protection, so if you get the Smoothing or Strengthening Amplifier, the treatment is still colour-safe.

Oribe products are formulated with safe, high quality, innovative ingredients.

If your hair needed a little pampering especially these stressful times, the Oribe's Renewal Remedies Hair Treatment may really be your best bet. Sign up here or Whatsapp us at +65 8799 8373 to enjoy a 20% off Renewal Remedies Hair Treatment service.

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