French Balayage - Why is it so Popular?

Balayage is a never-ending trend, meeting constant interest online and spontaneously asked by our clients in the salon.

What is French Balayage?

In French, Balayage means to sweep or paint. It’s a freehand hair colour technique that gives a really blended natural lightened result with minimal regrowth seen. We crave it's exceptionally natural looking results, moreover,  many of us are opting for low-maintenance options to keep us going between hair appointments these days – and one that’s proving the most popular is French Balayage.

Now, L’Oréal Professionnel's new added technique to the iconic balayage makes it even more French with a new professional touch to achieve natural-looking, seamlessly blended, toned and glossy hair. It’s a 2-step technique associating seamless lightening to a nourishing gloss. The 2 steps involve perfectly blended lightening followed by nourishing gloss colour. You will definitely need your hair artist’s hands!

French Balayage

Only a salon professional can guarantee the lightening you’ve been dreaming of and offer multidimensional natural-looking results. Gloss is equivalent to the top coat of your nail polish, adding shine to make your hair look healthier. The professional technique is the secret behind a unique and unforgettable French Balayage. The gloss touch gives hair a sophisticated French result, thanks to its chic yet natural-looking tones that can be performed on all hair colour. Say goodbye to brass, and hello to shiny glossy hair!

French Balayage vs Other Balayage

The difference between French Balayage and other Balayage is in the professional technique used to achieve the result.

French Balayage

French Balayage is seamless. It’s blended with the base, creating a subtle transition with the roots and resulting in a perfect gradient.

It is also toned & glossy. The undertone is not left “raw”. The final result is lively and glossy with dimension.

French Balayage Inspiration

French Balayage

French Balayage

The beauty of Balayage is that it’s a highly personalized service and the techniques can vary depending on your hair type, hair texture and the result you are looking for. French Balayage is for all; all hair types and hair colours.

French Balayage

Experience the French Artistry with French Balayage and achieve natural looking and perfectly blended Balayage today! You can send us a Whatsapp at 87998373 or send us an enquiry here to find out more.


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