• Your Ultimate Hair Care Sidekick #02 - Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

    Behold, Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray: the superhero of hair products, blending the best of dry shampoo and texturizer into one dynamic duo! This miraculous spray adds oomph to your locks without the dreaded weight or stiffness that comes with other products. Say goodbye to crunchy hair and hello to natural bounce and movement! Whether your mane is straight, curly, or somewhere in between, this texturizing spray is your ultimate styling sidekick. So, don your capes, my fellow hair heroes, and let's unleash the superpowers of Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray!
  • Frizzy Hair Fails: The Culprits Behind Your Tangled Tresses

    Are you tired of battling those unruly strands that seem to have a mind of their own? Fear not, for we're about to embark on a side-splitting journey through the tangled mysteries of frizzy hair. Get ready to learn and embrace your mane's quirky quirks as we expose the culprits behind your tangled tresses.
  • Your Ultimate Hair Care Sidekick #01 - Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream

    Hey there, hair heroes and frizz-fighters! It's time for us to unleash the ultimate secret weapon for luscious locks and frizz-free fabulousness, Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream! Packed with luxurious ingredients and a sprinkle of magic, this little gem is a game-changer for anyone craving glossy, frizz-free locks especially in the midst of Singapore's humid climate. So, grab your capes and let's uncover the superpowers of Oribe's iconic Supershine Moisturizing Cream!
  • Sleeping Beauty's Secrets: The Magical Link Between Your Zzz's and Your Glow-Up

    While you may think of sleep as just a way to recharge your batteries, it's actually a crucial component of your skincare and haircare regimen. Beauty sleep isn't just a myth—it's a science! Your sleep habits play a significant role in the health and appearance of your hair and skin.
  • A Hairy Tale of the Past: Unveiling Ancient Hair Treatment Methods You Might Not Know

    In our quest for luscious locks, we often turn to modern hair care treatments and products. But what if we told you that ancient civilizations had their own unique methods for hair care that might be just as effective (and sometimes downright bizarre)? Get ready to embark on an enlightening journey through time as we uncover ancient hair treatment secrets from civilizations around the world!
  • Concert-Ready: Your Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Hair Fabulous Throughout a Concert

    The 2024 Singapore concert scene is buzzing with excitement as big names from pop music such as Taylor Swift, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars, grace the stage. The anticipation, the energy, the chance to sing along to your favorite tunes—it's an experience like no other. Amidst the euphoria, there's one thing you want to ensure stays in tune with the rhythm – your hair! Let's explore how to keep your hair looking fabulous from the opening act to the final encore. From effortless hairstyles to on-the-go touch-ups, we've got your mane's mojo covered!
  • Taming the Tropics: The Four Heavenly Hair Care Products for Singapore's Hot, Humid, and Stressful Climate

    Welcome to the urban jungle of Singapore, where the heat is relentless, the humidity is unforgiving, and the pace of life is fast and furious. In this vibrant city-state, your hair faces a daily battle against the elements, leaving you longing for solutions to tame the mane in the midst of the tropical chaos. Fear not, for we've curated a list of 4 heavenly hair care products that are your secret weapons against the heat, humidity, and stress of Singapore's bustling streets.
  • Scalp Care 101: 10 Strange Things You Might Not Know About Your Scalp

    The Scalp—the often overlooked yet incredibly fascinating part of our bodies that plays a vital role in our hair health and overall well-being. While we spend countless hours fussing over our hair, how much do we really know about the mysterious world beneath it? Get ready to embark on a hair-raising journey as we uncover some strange things you might not know about your scalp.

  • Mother's Day Gifts That will Save your Mom's Hair

    Mother’s Day is fast approaching and it’s time to show your appreciation and extra love to the mom in your life by picking out the best gift that will keep on giving. If you’re still struggling with what to get your mom this year, we have rounded up the best haircare to make sure moms will always have a perfect hair day.
  • Imagine Invincible Hair - Oribe's The Hair Alchemy Collection

    Prevention from breakage is key because unlike your skin, which can regenerate itself, hair breakage is irreversible. Therefore, preventative care — and a little magic — is necessary to keep hair strong and resilient.
  • Bring Your Hair Back to Life - A Transformative Treatment Custom Blended By Your Stylist

    Well-versed in creating products that effectively target hair concerns that range from dry and untameable hair, to irritated and itchy scalp, Oribe has launched its first salon-exclusive custom-blended hair treatment, Renewal Remedies.
  • Secret to Good Hair Day: "Feed" Your Hair with Oil

    Due to our hectic schedules, we often overlook the importance of looking after our hair. As a result, we start to panic over hair issues and make ...