• Mother's Day Gifts That will Save your Mom's Hair

    Mother’s Day is fast approaching and it’s time to show your appreciation and extra love to the mom in your life by picking out the best gift that will keep on giving. If you’re still struggling with what to get your mom this year, we have rounded up the best haircare to make sure moms will always have a perfect hair day.
  • Imagine Invincible Hair - Oribe's The Hair Alchemy Collection

    Prevention from breakage is key because unlike your skin, which can regenerate itself, hair breakage is irreversible. Therefore, preventative care — and a little magic — is necessary to keep hair strong and resilient.
  • Bring Your Hair Back to Life - A Transformative Treatment Custom Blended By Your Stylist

    Well-versed in creating products that effectively target hair concerns that range from dry and untameable hair, to irritated and itchy scalp, Oribe has launched its first salon-exclusive custom-blended hair treatment, Renewal Remedies.
  • Secret to Good Hair Day: "Feed" Your Hair with Oil

    Due to our hectic schedules, we often overlook the importance of looking after our hair. As a result, we start to panic over hair issues and make ...
  • 8 Tips to Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

    Living in a tropical climate can be fun, although the same can’t be said to your hair. What’s more if you get your tresses coloured. As UV rays can...
  • New hair, who’s this?!

    SHUNJI MATSUO'S SIGNATURE SOFT STRAIGHTENING TREATMENT The best frizz fighting treatment to tame your frizzy hair in Singapore’s humid ...
  • Romance your hair the right way – Trim your hair

    How often you should cut your hair? Length, texture, hair condition and style may be part of your consideration.