What's Your Lucky Colour in 2022?

Boost your luck in the Year of Tiger by wearing your lucky colours, based on your Chinese zodiac sign. Are you considering which hair color to do for this Chinese New Year? We've got some tips here for you according to your Chinese zodiac sign.

Lucky Colours 2022
Lucky Colours 2022
Still not quite sure which hair colour to do? Here, we've picked some hair inspirations for you to be trendy and go lucky.

Brown Hair Colour
Pink Hair Colour
Red Hair Colour

Blue Hair Colour

Purple Hair Colour

Green Hair Colour

Grey Hair Colour

Blonde Hair Colour

Orange Hair Colour

Yellow Hair Colour
For hairstylists, the weeks before Chinese New Year are usually their busiest time of the year. Make sure to book your hair appointment in advance to avoid disappointment. You may book your hair appointment online by clicking here.

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