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SMART Pillow is a revolutionary pillow that have built-in speaker system that produce 13 different Sleepwaves. The Neuro Sleepwave help people to get into sleep faster. It improves your deep sleep duration as well as REM cycle which could improve your long-term memory. SMART Pillow is also made of high density memory foam which will support your neck line and adjust your sleeping posture - giving you comfort and neck support throughout the night.


  • Improves body’s relaxation response and recover natural balance in the body
  • Decreases the problem of falling back to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night
  • Wakes up feeling refreshed and alert the following day
  • Long-term use will increase optimal sleep and better improve one’s physical and mental wellness

No More Sleepless nights!
Only Restful nights and Energized morning!


SMART Pillow is especially suitable for those who faces huge stress from learning or work, and have sleep problems such as inexplicable headaches, inability to relax, body stiffness, fatigue, having difficulties falling asleep and sleep deprivation.

It is also suitable for people with the following:

  • Poor quality of sleep, waking in the middle of the night and inability to fall back asleep
  • Feeling fatigue, anxiety and restlessness after a night of sleep
  • Inability to relax with nagging thoughts in mind
  • Memory loss and poor learning abilities because of bad sleep quality

Soundwave Architecture

The SMART Pillow contains 13 musical compositions embedded with Neuro Sleep wave. Neuro Sleep wave uses brain entrainment technique to assist users to get into deep sleep. Each Neuro Sleep wave’s duration is 8 hours.

Brain entrainment is a method of achieving synchronised resonance with human brain wave frequencies. After which the Neuro Sleep wave will bring the users’ sleep state gradually to a lower frequency till Delta state, which is the state of deep sleep. The concept of entrainment is similar to hypnotization, where the human brain is put to a state of relaxation and deep sleep.

Recommended Product Usage

Lie on the pillow in your most comfortable position. Keep the audio volume low because as you sleep the surrounding will get quieter and the audio volume will be relatively louder. Choose the musical composition you like and play the Neuro Sleep wave with music.

The SMART Pillow has 2 modes – 30 mins short play mode and continuous play mode. If you just want to enjoy music or get into sleep quickly, then choose the 30 mins short play mode - this is the default mode.

If you would like to play music or Neuro sleep wave throughout the night, then choose the continuous play mode. The continuous play mode is useful to help you get into longer duration of deep sleep which will improve your health and body immune system. To select continuous play mode, press the red colour On/Off switch another time after it is turned on. You will hear 2 beep sound to indicate continuous play mode. You can press the red button again, and it will be back to short play mode.


"Since I used SMART Pillow, I have uninterrupted sleep and wake up in the morning fully recharge." Daniel Foo.

"After using SMART Pillow for a week, I finally know what good quality sleep is because I wake up feeling fresh and energized." Eden Heng.

"Dear Dr Tang, I slept very well with the SMART Pillow last night. Highly recommended." by a venture capitalist.