Do you know what happens when brown hair meets silver highlights? Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about the classic ash brown balayage! It is one of the most popular hair style trend we’ve seen on Pinterest, Instagram, runways, magazines and even on the streets.

Inspired with the French hair color technique, balayage is the ultimate glam hair look for this summer season in 2018. It is the art of painting the hair without using foils and cap to highlight. So, if you are looking for something modern and natural, balayage is your answer! The subtle transitions of blonde, silver and brown create an amazing balayage look. We have some super stylish and appealing ash brown balayage inspirations to suit all hair styles and looks.

Play with Shades

Give your hair a mix of light blonde and ash colors to bring out some volume. A contrast of shades brings out the locks, making you a gorgeous ash brown diva!

Silver Cool

If you are all about going all the way to get some cool silver tones in your hair, then this look should be the goal for you. This silvery-ash balayage hair color trend look best on people who have a combination of brown and black hair. It gives relatively more cool tones to the hair than any other normal ash brown balayage look.

Brown Dimension

Take classy and sophisticated ash brown balayage up a notch with a warm brown color. This hair tint is natural yet timeless which we like to call a dimensional ash brown balayage!

The Ultimate Ash Brown Balayage

High-contrasted and blended ash brown balayage looks terrific with straight and textured hair. Wear your hair up or down, your hair color will always stand out.

Icy Ends

No more basic brown hair anymore! Add some extra edge with a hint of ashy silver color from mid-length to the tips of your hair. The color is intensified on the ends, making the hair look icy and edgy.

Peanut Butter and Purple Jelly

Keep it natural but make it fun with a combination of peanut butter brown and shades of purple for some cute punk in your hair.

Painted Highlights

If you love to be an ash brown balayage brunette, then this highlighted look is best for you! It is very subtle yet refined, giving an illusion of painted highlights.

Brown to Ash Blonde

Give your long hair some depth and volume with a subdued ash brown balayage and blonde undertone. To really flaunt this hair color, go for a disheveled hair look with simple waves.

Stark Contrast

Dark brown hair combined with ash brown balayage gives a well-defined contrast, unlike other subtle balayage looks. The silver tint is highlighted, giving a blunt and sheer look to the hair.

Wearable, Versatile, Effortless. The latest trend in hair colour is so customisable yet easy to pull off, that you’re bound to fall in love with it. Try Ash Brown Balayage with us today.