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Is your hair losing color? Are you worried about dry and frizzy hair? You need a hair treatment that adds a tint of color to your hair and also gives it a glossy look. Yes, you need Tsuyagami Treatment, a special procedure meant for dull hair that has lost its shine.


Currently available at our Singapore flagship hair salon at Ngee Ann City, Tsuyagami Treatment is suitable for dull looking, dry hair.

Tsuyagami means beautiful and shiny hair in the Japanese language. Thus, this hair treatment imparts a tint of color to the hair along with a shiny gloss that makes your hair look gorgeous and beautiful. It is a special hair coloring and glossing treatment we have introduced recently which adds a natural shine to dull mane making it look shiny and luscious.

If you find your hair losing shine or becoming lackluster, try Tsuyagami Treatment. With regular application, your hair would become shiny and gorgeous. This treatment also involves deep conditioning that gives your hair a protective coat.

If you prefer coloring the hair and also want to jazz up its look, Tsuyagami Treatment can do wonders for your hair. It would refresh your hair, give it a glow and the color you want. So, whether you want the natural color back or want a bright color for your hair, Tsuyagami Treatment can give the best result.

How is Tsuyagami Treatment done?

Along with a special cream, the color you have chosen would be mixed and this mixture would be applied to the hair. The hair would be wrapped and you have to sit for a few minutes so that the color sets nicely. The process would take around 30-45 minutes and your hair would be washed afterward to clean the mixture.

We are an experienced salon offering most modern hair treatments. Our Tsuyagami Treatment is done by most experienced stylists so that you get the maximum benefit.

Tsuyagami Treatment is the safest and most ideal procedure to color your hair and give it a shine. It does not use harmful chemicals like ammonia and is safe for prolonged use. It lasts longer giving you strong, glossy, and stunning hair.

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Tsuyagami Treatment is now available at our flagship hair salon, Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio, at Ngee Ann City. To find out more, please call 6238 1522 to make an appointment for free consultation.