It’s a new season. Are you ready to update your look? Trends come and go, but what looks best on you never goes out of style. The good news is that there are tons of hair trends for every girl looking for something new. Your astrological sign gives insight into what would look best on you for the next three months to bring out your best qualities and highlight your best features and bring your personality out. April – June is all about color and intrigue. What better way to rouse interest than to try something new?


Red may be Aries’ lucky color, but this season, think cool, sophisticated, and a little daring. In a sea of little girls, you’re a bold, pioneering woman who makes her own decisions. Something sleek, like monochrome black, ash brown or platinum gray is sophisticated. Use a color wash or dye in bold colors, like midnight blue or violet, on dark hair to create highlights and to keep everyone guessing about your wild side.


Lighten up, because it’s your time in the sun (well not literally)! Your colors are light, bright, and warm. Warm blondes and warm chestnut browns make you look inviting. Balayage and pastel highlights also bring out your femininity, especially if framing your face. Consider a light strawberry blonde on the blonder side or very subtle blush, coral, or pink highlights for an all-over light to your hair to add depth and feminine appeal.


Gemini would change her hair every day if they could, and now they actually can. If Gemini bleaches her hair to make a blank canvas, she can use any number of shampoo and conditioner washes to change her hair color from April to June. Sunny, clear colors are best: butterscotch, not golden blonde, and pink, not dusty rose. Also, consider jet black with any number of bright, bold highlights, like electric blue and ultraviolet.


Think light, bright, and shimmery. The moonchild that is Cancer thrives in some of the less harsh looks of the season, like silvery platinum and lavender silver. To be clear, it’s silver, not gray: keep it light and shimmery. Blonde babylights will give you that gentle nocturnal glow. Blonde highlights and lowlights give your hair dimension and depth. For bolder Cancers, opal, iridescent, and icy pink and peach blonde hair brings out their natural youthfulness.


Leo is a trend follower and sometimes a trendsetter, too. This season’s color is warm and coppery, and rose gold is perhaps the most appropriate shade to make Leo stand out from the crowd, and the pinker the better. Strawberry blonde, light copper, coral rose, and caramel bring out your standout personality. 90’s bright golden blonde is perhaps the most Leo color ever, but warm pearl blonde and shimmering baby blonde are also standout choices.


Virgo is a master of the art of subtlety, and healthy-looking hair makes her shine. Beige is trendy and happens to be one of Virgo’s signature colors, but if you want to get a little risky, try something subtle, like chocolate mauve. Chocolate brown with caramel highlights has the subtle, sexy, and classic look Virgo rocks so well. Rose brown, warm enough and natural enough, is great for Virgos that want to add a something bold.


Think pink and yellow this season! Libra looks fantastic in girly, yummy shades like butter and strawberry. Golden blonde is a great color for Libra because it has perfect balance: warm and yet cool, light but not too light, bold but not too bold, yellow but not too yellow: the ultimate balanced feminine color. Dress it up with a few pink and peach highlights around your face when you’re feeling extra girly.


You may not be ready to go full-tilt sunshine girl; in fact, you probably want to do the opposite. Peek-a-boo, hidden colors and highlights in shades of denim blue, icy blonde, and silvery lavender shades lend intrigue to your look. Here’s another idea: dark and natural greens and ash-brown hair. It’s natural and unnatural, demure and brazen, subdued and wild all in one. Deep, rich browns are always sexy on you, too.


The spring stirs Sagittarius’ restlessness. Think of trying something more mysterious and rich this spring, like adding berry-colors as highlights: they look effortless and let the world know that you’re a girl who forges her own path (so don’t get in her way!). Consider adding wine, crimson, or burgundy highlights to your hair to give you a seductive richness to dark hair. If you’re feeling bolder, try wine, eggplant, and deep purple shades.


Go for something intriguing this spring, like charcoal gray – is it black, or is it gray? Is it young, or is it old? Monotone colors are your best bet. Glossy charcoal black, true silver or blue-black hair is sophisticated and mature, but also earth-tone browns like carob, chocolate, and sable are gorgeous and grown-up. Want to add something extra? Cool dark green and blackberry in select strands or highlights adds luxury and depth.


Aquarius doesn’t follow the rules, so why should her hair look like everyone else’s? Warm, reddish blonde colors are all for you, and the closer to pink and orange, the better! Rose gold, copper, strawberry blonde, peach, and coral hair colors bring out your beauty and your moxie. Or, try a fruity color, like deep tangerine, vermilion, or tulip red, for your highlights to bring out your natural playfulness and inner rebel.


You’re the chameleon of the zodiac, getting away with anything, so this season, you could try anything. However, blending into the gentle lightness of the spring season is your best bet. Pearl blonde, a soft, shimmery mix of platinum and light golden blonde, or a light, buttery blonde, invokes a child-like innocence and otherworldliness that Pisces are famous for. For bolder Pisces, baby blonde and mermaid hair are trends you can always rock.